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Translating the wiki

In an effort to make modding as widely accessible as possible, this wiki does translation through crowdin:


Please don't submit automatic translations. Translations only using ChatGPT, Google Translate, or similar machine translation will be rejected.



We don't recommend using Crowdin's "translate all" feature, just click a file you want to translate and do that for each file. You get more context this way.

The first time you launch the editor you will see Crowdin's own tips, please read them!

If the site/program does not have native translation support, please do not translate the names of English buttons/menus. The following programs/sites are not currently translated:

  • r2modman
  • Thunderstore

If you're not sure if a site/program has native translation, try it yourself or start a discussion

Anything you see highlighted (or any other weird-looking text) are usually links or parameters.

Links are usually <0>, <1>, etc, and there's an opening and closing link. You must include anything that's highlighted in your translation. Example:

Example of proper translation, with links and formatting the same as the source material

Previous translations

Because this wiki is partially based on a previously translated wiki, sometimes crowdin will show you similar existing translations.

Feel free to use these to your advantage, or start from scratch if you think you could improve upon it.

Example of a suggested translation from the Trombone Champ Modding Wiki

Page translation order

The pages we recommend prioritizing, in order, are as follows:

  • The main landing page (
  • The sidebar (
  • Windows modding tutorial (
  • Linux modding tutorial (
  • Frequently Asked Questions (
  • Info about the wiki (
  • Everything else (mod development tutorials, this translation page, etc)

Questions and new languages

If you have any questions about translation or would like a new language added to Crowdin, feel free to:

Enabling a translation

Once a translation is moderately complete, it needs to actually be added to the wiki so people can use it.

If a translation you're working on is moderately complete, contact the wiki maintainers through the above methods to get it added.

Not every single page needs to be finished, but you should ideally have translated at least:

  • any pages related to installing mods