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About This Guide

This guide is mainly written by Max & Bobbie, with assistance and advice from various other writers and wikis. The guide was inspired by



Bobbie, Max, Jdewi, Burrito, Steven, Lauriethefish, Nintendo Homebrew Discord Staff (original guide creators)

Developer / Tool Credits

Thank you to everyone else that contributed to the guide on GitHub.

Open Source and Privacy

This guide is open source on GitHub. It is licensed under the ISC License.

Vitepress wiki build pages are based on, which is licensed under the MIT LICENSE.

Some content on the pages and are based on the content of, which is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.


This product is an unofficial fanwork, not affiliated with Lethal Company or Zeekerss, and is not endorsed or otherwise sponsored by Zeekerss or any developer/publisher of Lethal Company.