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Developer's Guide

Welcome to the Developer's Guide! This is an overview of everything included in the guide. For more details, head to the specific sections on the sidebar.


If you don't know how to code but want to add a custom Asset - whether that be sounds, scrap, suits, and more - there are APIs for that! The Asset API list has you covered!

Setup, Creation & Publishing

The basics of mod creation. Here, you can see what tools you need, how to create the initial mod, and how to publish it.

Do you need to set up your workstation? Head on over to the initial setup article to learn how to do so!

Don't know how to create the initial mod setup? Learn via the starting a mod article.

Ready to publish your mod? Don't worry, we've got you set with that!

Advanced Topics

These are advanced topics relating to the game. They vary from simpler topics, such as creating config files, to more advanced topics, such as networking.

Need to add networking to your mod? It's a doozy, but we're here to help you! Just head on over to the custom networking article.

Asset & Programming APIs

You shouldn't reinvent the wheel! There may be APIs out there that can help you along your mod-making journey.

These vary from Asset APIs, which let you add assets to the game without programming knowledge; to Programming APIs, which allow you to more easily interact with the game.

For a basic overview of the APIs, look at the modding API overview article. Here, you can view the plethora of APIs available to you!