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CSync (Config Syncing Library)


There are two ways to depend upon CSync, but I recommend using the NuGet package.
This will automatically include both an assembly reference and documentation as opposed to Thunderstore.

1. Open the terminal in Visual Studio.
2. Run the following command.

dotnet add package Owen3H.BepInEx.CSync

Alternatively, you can install it visually via the NuGet package manager.

1. Head to Project > Manage NuGet Packages.
2. Search and select the Owen3H.BepInEx.CSync package.
3. Choose the latest version and hit Install.

Thunderstore (Manual)

1. Download the latest version of the library on the Thunderstore page.
2. Extract the zip into your game directory root.
3. In your mod's project, add an Assembly Reference to ../BepInEx/plugins/CSync.dll.