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Modding APIs Overview

There are two types of API that will be covered in this overview:

  • Asset API: An API or custom content mod that can be used without writing any code. Good if you want something simple that even non-programmers can create something with.
  • Programming API: A user-created modding API that can be intergrated into your C# Lethal Company mod.

There may be multiple APIs for a single concept, each with their own pros and cons.

APIs marked with a Gold Star ⭐ have a tutorial on this wiki.

Asset APIs


Custom Suits

  • MoreSuits by x753 allows you to create your own custom ingame suits using only a .png file. The README has a basic section on how to format your suit mod for upload.

Items & Scrap


Sound Replacement

Programming APIs




  • LethalLib by Evaisa allows you to add new enemies, although the process is fairly involved and not currently well documented.


Items & Scrap

Model Replacement


Sound Replacement


Adding APIs to the wiki

If you're an API developer and want to get your API added to this list, feel free to make a pull request, assuming your API meets the following criteria:

  • Open source
  • Fairly well documented - even better if you write a wiki article1

1: Some exceptions may be made if it's an especially groundbreaking API, or it's the only existing solution.