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Developing Pages with Configurable Company

Here you will understand what are pages, how to create and use them.

What is a Page

The in-game menu provides an easy way to distribute your configurations and categories into pages, allowing the user to see what plugin added some configuration and the developer to have a reserved panel so there are no conflicts with other plugins.

Creating a Page

Creating a page is the simplest of operations you can do. Call LethalConfiguration.CreatePage() and it will provide you with the needed builder.

Here is an example on how you can create a page:


If you don't know what a parameter does, check parameters section.

ConfigurationPage page = LethalConfiguration.CreatePage()
    .SetName("My plugin page")


It's not necesary to call Build() if you are assigning the builder to a ConfigurationPage as it will implicitly call the build method to create the page.


  • SetName(string): The name that will be displayed on the in-game menu.

Using a Page

To use a page, you need to store the page variable itself and assign configuration categories to it.



You can declare pages as internal static readonly variables to access them anywhere in your project.