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Developing Events with Configurable Company

What is an Event

Events are functions that allow developers to trigger actions when a specific action happens.

Configurable company allows the developer to listen to some useful events related to the configurations and the workflow of the plugin itself.

Listening to events

There are multiple events you can listen to. All of them inside the Events class inside the Amrv.ConfigurableCompany namespace.

To start listening a certain event, you need to subscribe to it. To do you can follow the code below:



void MyMethodListener(object sender, ConfigurationChanged configChangedEvent) {
    // Insert something you want to execute when a configuration changes it's value.

The provided event ConfigurationChanged contains all the information you might need to use the event properly.


Note that all the events have object sender as their first argument.


Event nameDescriptionArgument Type
ConfigurationChangedListens to any change on a configuration value and holds the reason on why did it change among the configuration that changed and the old and new values.ConfigurationChanged
ConfigurationCreatedListens to any creation of configuration and holds the configuration that was created.ConfigurationCreated
PluginInitializedCalled once, this event triggers when the ConfigurableCompany plugin ended initializating all the resources that needed.EventArgs
PluginSetupCalled once, this event triggers when the ConfigurableCompany plugin ended setting up the content and patching methods.EventArgs
PluginEnabledCalled once, this even triggers when the ConfigurableCompany plugin completed the boot up and is ready to work.EventArgs
BeforeMenuDisplayCalled every time the in-game configuration menu starts to display.EventArgs
AfterMenuDisplayCalled every time the in-game configuration menu is displayed.EventArgs


If you want an in-depth guide on how this event pattern works, you can follow this microsoft guide.