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Using r2modman on Linux and Steam Deck

This guide will run you through installing and using r2modman to install and play with mods that are available through Thunderstore. Using a mod manager like r2modman allows you to update and play with the latest versions of the mods with ease as the manager does all of that for you!

Steam Deck Specific Preparation

On Steam Deck you will need to do the following before you can follow this guide:

  • Make sure the game is installed into the internal storage - mods will not load if the game is installed to the MicroSD card.
  • Enter Desktop Mode by holding down the power button and selecting Desktop Mode from the menu.

Once you're at the desktop, you're ready to continue!


r2modman does not work in Game Mode. Please make sure to read the Using Mods in Steam Deck's Game Mode section for a workaround once you've finished with the Installing r2modman section.

Installing r2modman

On Linux, r2modman is available in different package formats depending on your distro:

  • deb for Debian and Ubuntu-based distros
  • pacman for Arch-based disros
  • rpm for distros using the RPM Package Manager (RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, openSUSE, etc.)
  • AppImage, a single executable file that can run on most distros - useful for Steam Deck

Visit the r2modman GitHub releases page and download the appropriate package file for your distro and install it according to your package manager's documentation.

For Steam Deck users, download the .AppImage file and keep it in a safe location such as your Desktop or your Documents folder. You will also need to mark the file as executable. To do this, right-click the .AppImage file and select Properties. Switch to the Permissions tab and check the box marked Is Executable and click OK.

Steam Deck Permissions Window

After marking the file as executable, you can now double-click the AppImage to open r2modman.

Installing Mods on r2modman

Once you have succesfully installed r2modman, you can finally install mods.

  1. Launch r2modman. You will be greeted with the following screen.

r2modman Game Selection Screen

  1. Select "Lethal Company", and click "Select Game".


If you do not see it, use the search bar or scroll down to find "Lethal Company".

Select Lethal Company

  1. It will ask you to choose which profile to use. For this guide's purposes, we will stick with the Default profile. Click "Select profile".

Select Default Profile

  1. This will lead us to this screen.

First Time Opening Installed

  1. Click "Online" on the sidebar. This will bring up a list of all available to download mods on Thunderstore.

Clicking Online

  1. From here, you may choose which mods you would like to download and install. Click on a mod you'd like, and then click on Download.

Downloading a mod

  1. It will ask you which version to use. Download the latest version, which is already selected for you by default. Click "Download with dependencies" or "Download".

Downloading with dependencies

  1. Once you are done installing your mods, you may click on "Start modded" on the sidebar. This will launch the game with your mods.

Start Lethal Company Modded

That's it! You have just successfully modded Lethal Company!

Using Mods in Steam Deck's Game Mode

r2modman will not work in Steam Deck's Game mode, and therefore mods will not load by default. To get around this, right-click the game in Steam and click Properties. From there, paste the following into Launch Options:

WINEDLLOVERRIDES="winhttp=n,b" %command% --doorstop-enable true --doorstop-target "/home/deck/.config/r2modmanPlus-local/LethalCompany/profiles/Default/BepInEx/core/BepInEx.Preloader.dll" --r2profile "Default"

Steam Properties This will instruct the game to launch with the Default profile we configured in r2modman earlier, so all your mods installed there will be available.

If you'd like to sync your mods with friends, navigate to the syncing r2modman profiles page.